We delve deeply into the fundamental interactions of proteins within the human immune system, encompassing antibodies, receptors, and soluble ligands. With a foundational understanding of protein science and protein evolution principles at our core, our primary objective is to deepen our knowledge of human immunology. Using this knowledge as a base, we integrate engineering principles to devise innovative therapeutic strategies and realize next-generation immunotherapeutic agents. To achieve these ambitious goals, our lab utilizes state-of-the-art emerging science and technology in the following domains:

 1) Innovative Platform Technology Development: We focus on developing groundbreaking platform technologies for efficient discovery of novel biomedical proteins, including antibodies.

 2) Targeted Antibody Discovery: We specialize in identifying and developing antibodies that target antigens associated with conditions like cancer, inflammation, autoimmune diseases, and infectious diseases.

3) Advancement and Engineering of Therapeutic Proteins: Our research involves the directed evolution of therapeutic proteins to achieve remarkable enhancements in efficacy, serum stability, and safety, surpassing the limitations of currently developed antibodies. Recognizing the constraints inherent to existing antibodies, we undertake extensive protein engineering research to further transcend these boundaries.

4) Expansion of Therapeutic Modalities: We are initiating research into immune cell-engaging bispecific antibodies and antibody-drug conjugates to diversify the therapeutic modalities using antibodies.

Join our journey to push the boundaries of immunotherapy through groundbreaking research and innovation.

Discovery of Human Antibodies And Biomedical Proteins

Targets: Cancer, Inflammation, Infectious diseases, Autoimmune diseases

Engineering Antibodies and Biomedical Proteins


APEL(Antibody & Protein Engineering Labatory) is looking for undergradute and graduate students who are interested in antibody and protein engineering.

Please contact Prof. Sang Teak Jung (sjung@korea.ac.kr)


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관심있는 분은 정상택 교수(sjung@korea.ac.kr)에게 연락바랍니다.